Words to Choose

What words would be helpful for your pet?

To help you choose, we can look at grammatical groups we use in basic sentences:


Outside, garden, bed, park, home


Toilet, help, play, walk, cuddle, come, look


Water, ball, lead, toys (specific to pet-rope/mouse etc.)


Pet’s name, names of family members, names of friends and pet-friends

Higher Level Words

When your pet is comfortable and ready for a challenge:

  1. Interaction – hello, love you, thank you, no/yes, well done, good boy
  2. Feelings – all done, full, calm, hungry, stressed, want, happy, sleepy
  3. Description – wet, loud, quiet, dirty, smelly

Word Zones

Research has shown that keeping the words in zones may help the pet remember, however some dogs are also successfully using the words in random order.

However, it is important that the placement of the buttons stays the same from Day 1, as the dog will only be able to remember where the word is by where it is relative to the other buttons. The talking area should be always easily accessible for the animal. Try to help the animal access a variety of words, without having to walk over other words to get to the word they want.